Like any organisation we do have some rules which I am sure you will appreciate are an essential part of running a successful Group. They are laid out clearly here, however, special circumstances will always be taken into account and every effort will be made to resolve any problems.  If you are in any doubt at all, or require further information then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mark Osborne

Group Scout Leader


Membership of the 11th Eastbourne is open to anyone, regardless of sex, religion, race or ethnic origin, we also welcome those with special needs, whether they be physical, behavioural, social or educational. We do of course need to have a clear understanding of what special needs exist and would seek to agree a plan with parents/carers as to how best to deal with them within the group setting.


Scouts are part of a uniformed organisation. The uniform encourages a sense of pride, discipline and self-respect. All young people will be expected to wear smart uniform on all activities, unless directed otherwise. Upon investiture (formal joining ceremony) all members will be presented with a group scarf and woggle. In brief the uniform consists of;

Beaver Scouts   - Beaver Scout sweatshirt and navy joggers/combats (no logos please)

Cub Scouts       - Cub Scout sweatshirt and navy combats (no logos please)

Scouts             - Scout shirt, Scout Association activity trousers and scout belt

If anyone requires any assistance with the cost of uniform purchase please let us know, we are determined to ensure everyone can be a part of our group, and will help those who need extra support.


Each section meets weekly in term time and on other occasions which will be specified in advance. The sections follow a programme throughout the year of modules which work towards various awards, if a young person does not attend regularly it will make it harder for them to achieve these awards and develop throughout the programme.

All young people will be expected to attend all meetings unless particular circumstances prevent, for example illness or other unavoidable absence.

Consideration has to be given to children on waiting lists, as a result any young person who is absent for an extended period without notice or reasonable excuse may be suspended and their place may be offered to the next eligible person on the waiting list.


St Richards Church sponsors the Group, members are expected to attend Church Parades as and when they occur, normally once every two months.* It is an opportunity for the young people to ‘parade’, and to meet in slightly more formal surroundings, which helps develop their respect for others, and for them to experience a religious service, in a friendly atmosphere. It is also an opportunity for the Group to demonstrate its presence in the community, which encourages the pride and self-respect in the young people.

*The Scout Association is not in itself a religious movement; nor is it exclusively only for those of a Christian faith. Scouting welcomes members of all faiths, our Church Parades at St. Richards are Christian services, and whilst members of other faiths may choose to attend, it is not a requirement. The Group respects the rights of those who wish to carry out their personal worship or prayer in line with their own faith.


The subscriptions are an essential part of keeping the Group running, it is the means by which we cover costs and invest in the programme of activities for the young people. The Group is a registered charity, not a profit making organisation, your monies are valued and carefully used.

The subs provide funds for insurance purposes, association membership fees, training for adults, building maintenance costs, purchase of programme materials and aids and many other items, where possible they will also be used to subsidise activities & events.

Subs are payable as required by the Group Executive. Warning will be given of any changes in the fees payable.

If any member has difficulties then please notify the section leader, alternative arrangements may be offered. Every effort will be made to help people with financial difficulties, do not be afraid to ask, there are ways we can assist.


Special events are organised from time to time in accordance with the strict rules of the Scout Association. Full details of such events will be published in advance, with details of any extra fees as soon as they are available. These extra fees will be kept as low as possible but their payment will often be a condition of attendance on the activity.


In common with most organisations, whilst the utmost care will be given, the Group and its Leaders do not accept any liability for loss or damage to any item of clothing, money or personal equipment howsoever it may occur.


Please see the CODE OF CONDUCT for details regarding the expected standards of behaviour.


The Scout Association, Group and Leaders are responsible for the safety of the young people during meeting times and whilst engaged in any group activities (including provided transport to/from such activities). It is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure the young person is delivered safely to the appropriate venue at the appointed time and collected promptly when the meeting or activity is over. Leaders will not be held responsible for the young people under any other circumstances unless special arrangements have been made. Please ensure Beaver and Cub Scouts are not left until you have checked there are two leaders present.

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