A chance for another lie in this morning and a relaxed morning on site working our way through some tidying up and packing.

The weather is now scorching hot, warmest day yet, after lunch we bussed up and headed off to visit the German Observation Tower which included a climb up a ladder to visit the roof, exciting stuff !

After the tower we moved up the coast to Vazon Bay for a couple of hours for our final beach visit, we only lasted about an hour and a half before melting !

Tonight we had take-out pizza delivered to site, this proved to be very popular with the scouts, and no washing up !

This is the final blog entry for what has been an incredible week, these camps are not about just visiting somewhere new, they are an invaluable opportunity for young people to stretch themselves and develop in ways other experiences just can't match, and these scouts have excelled themselves, each and every one of them.

It is interesting to see just how well they can cope without their parents around, yes we fulfil that role to some extent, but we have found the scouts are responsible, creative, hard working and thoughtful, not all the time obviously, but they are all well on their way to growing up as well rounded individuals.

There will be laughter and probably some tears when we return, (sometimes the emotion of seeing parents again is overwhelming !), they will all have tales to tell, I imagine mostly of the fun they have had, and possibly also the challenges they have faced, I hope you enjoy hearing about their adventures.

We will have a 'pause for thought' moment with them all later this evening to encourage them to reflect on their experiences, and to hopefully inspire them to carry on with their scouting journey, after all, it's not just about Wednesday nights !


We will be providing the scouts with a significant packed lunch for Monday to get them through the day, and they will have an opportunity to visit McDonald's at the rest stop on our way back, so they shouldn't be too hungry by the time we get home (but don't be surprised if they still are !).

Our ferry departs Guernsey at 1400 and will arrive in Poole at 1700, we estimate we will return to Eastbourne at 2100, allowing for a rest stop enroute.

Meeting point for parents will be the top corner of Langney Shopping Centre car park.

We will tweet updates on the way home.

Ten final things we have learnt;

1. Fleur does not like Bacon (this is yet another thing that confuses us).

2. There is no limit to how many satsumas scouts will consume.

3. Daisy is not ALWAYS the last person to do anything.

4. Daisy is MOSTLY ALWAYS the last person to do anything...

5. We seem to have now balanced out the minibus 'dings' so they are even on each side (see earlier lists regarding road widths...)

6. Scouts CAN survive 10 days without an XBOX.

7. We can cook AMAZING meals on camp, food has been great, well cooked, and it all goes fast !

8. Our young leaders were scouts not so long ago, they have come so far, so quickly. They are awesome. (don't tell them I said that)

9. This leader team is the best group of people you could ever want to come together to deliver a memorable adventure for our young people.

10. We're ready to come home, see you soon.


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