This morning we got a call from Outdoor Guernsey as our final kayaking session had been arranged, so one half of the group headed off to Cobo Bay whilst the other (who had already done it), relaxed on site.

Once the kayaking was over they returned to the site and we all had lunch, after which we headed off into St Peter Port for our last opportunity for shopping.

The scouts went off in groups for an hour or so, and many returned with souvenirs and gifts (and many returned with sweets and drinks !)

We then bussed up and headed back to site where the scouts grabbed their beach kit for a final trip to the beach.

Whilst the scouts were offsite, myself, Nic, TJ and Josh Evans set up for our camp banquet.

We completely changed the layout in our marquees, laying out the tables with full party decoration, whilst we cooked an American themed banquet meal of burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob and side salad, all served with drinks, and followed by a range of ice creams.

It was a great evening, seeing them all laughing and talking and enjoying themselves, but the evening was not over....

The scouts have spent two days planning a 'scouting's got talent', and they are out on the site now with a moonlit stage set-up, judges in place (and security !), and a range of 'interesting' acts are performing.

They are all having a great time, there is a huge buzz amongst them, and we have attracted scouts from all over the campsite to the show !

Tomorrow we will be relaxing on site in the morning, with some 'light packing', and we visit a German Observation tower in the afternoon (that may seem a little odd in terms of timing but it's only open on sunday afternoons !)

It seems like we have been here for weeks, (everyone is so well settled into camp routine we could probably stay for another week !), but tomorrow we will start to ready ourselves for breaking camp and heading home, as much as the scouts have enjoyed themselves I am sure they will be keen to get home to share their adventures (and their dirty laundry !).

Tomorrow's blog will have details of the travel journey home and the arrangements for pick up.

The show is over and the scouts are now winding down and off to bed, they all remain fit and well.



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