Today was an opportunity for a nice long lie-in, which always feels so much better when done in a tent being warmed by the rising sun...

Over the course of a couple of hours from 0700 everyone woke in their own time and started to settle in for a nice lazy few hours on site.

Being scout leaders of course this sort of thing can not be tolerated, so we called a full kit inspection !

After kit inspection we did then spend the rest of the morning relaxing on site, amid clear skies and plenty of sunshine, sun-cream supplies are running low, (this is a good sign).

After lunch we headed off to Lihou Island, the island is a small rocky outcrop on the west coast, which is reached via a causeway accessible only at low tide, wandering across through the rocky sea-bed on the cobbled causeway is a unique and interesting experience.

The leaders will return tomorrow to recover the scouts from the island once the tide is low enough again.

During the course of the week I have been name-checking various scouts in the blog or you will have seen them on twitter, I'd like to say that just because someone has not had their name mentioned does not mean they have not done anything interesting !

This is a very dynamic group of scouts, and every single one of them has been full of surprises, they all would deserve mention, any failing in me doing so is a result of lack of time and occasionally sleep !

As an experiment, I'll see if I can find something to say about each of them;

Aidan – the new voice of the BBC

Lucas – looks awesome in his shiny shades (shame about the shorts)

Benjamin – finally now wearing his pants inside his trousers

Finlay – just gets on with it, no fuss, no bother

Sam – lost in space & time, belongs in 1960's California (or he's a long-lost beach boy)

Tanya – our pocket rocket, more competitive than the William's sisters.

Aaron – when he loses, blames everything except himself (but looks good doing it).

Josh Langley – waaaaaay to cool for school.

Yasmin – really does NOT like water fights.

Phoebe – Naomi v2.0 – upgraded performance, (but occasionally crashes).

Matthew – always wears a smile.

Ben Evans – very smart young man, appears to be welded to his yellow rucksack (looks like he's giving a Minion a piggy-back)

Katie – has no fear.

Zac - always volunteers to wash-up, even if not on duty patrol.

Fleur - was unsure about the go-karts, but she did it anyway, another boundary blasted out of the way.

Daisy – not enough space on the internet to even begin....

Aimee – Nothing like her brother. (thankfully)

The Baileys – Do not EVER put them in a Kayak together.

Eden – Drives faster than Aaron (and his dad).

Joshua H – first big camp and taking it in his stride.

Jack – The boy can move.

Ethan – Never stops moving.

Grace M – says the funniest things at the best of times.

(just did that list in 10 mins with some help from Josh Evans and Jasmine – proved the point there is something to say for each of them !)

Ten things we learnt yesterday/today;

1. The girls have something in their tent called a 'floordrobe'...

2. Other scout groups on site now know who Daisy is (they recognise when she is in the toilet block due to her unique approach to organising her clothes/towel/shoes/washing gear....

3. The scouts think being woken up at 0830 is 'early'.

4. The sea scouts camping next to us have a ship's bell, if they keep on ringing the thing we shall re-unite it with the sea.

5. Northern scouts on site think we speak 'posh' (good innit).

6. Mark O got some interesting looks from the public when dispensing personal meds to the scouts on the Herm ferry..

7. The scouts have played a LOT of card games. There are many IOU's...(second mortgages may be required).

8. If Young Leaders don't empty their tents for kit inspection, TJ will, and he can throw things a very long way...

9. Whilst kayaking, Yasmin was somewhat surprised to discover that there were fish in the sea (no doubt the fish were somewhat surprised that Yasmin was floating around on top of the sea in a kayak...)

10. We have spent 2 hours today planning the next big camps...

Everyone is fit and well, only the smallest amounts of red skin to report, we've been working very hard to keep them cool, hydrated and sunburn free.

Tomorrow will be the final shopping trip to St Peter Port, then probably some beach time, tomorrow evening sees the arrival of our camp banquet !

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