It was up nice and early this morning to catch our ferry to Herm, there was a slight delay leaving site however as having strolled over to the toilet block this morning I was confronted with a herd of cattle complete with a rather upset bull !

The herd had broken into the campsite through a gap in a hedge and had been grazing on an empty site, myself and another leader did our best to corral them and having turfed the warden out of bed he was able to call the farmer who removed the cows back to their home !

Having dealt with the cow incident we bussed up, headed to St Peter Port, and caught the ferry to Herm.

Weather today has been outstanding, clear blue skies and glorious sunshine, words are not really enough to describe Herm Island, it is a stunning location, shell beach on the farthest tip from the harbour is worthy of any tropical paradise.

We walked to shell beach and having set up base camp the scouts spend the day sea kayaking, exploring, and relaxing on the beach, it really was very hard to leave !!

Having returned to Guernsey we have just enjoyed fish & chips at Cobo Bay as the sun now sets across the Atlantic Ocean.

Back on site everyone is now having showers before winding down for the evening, tomorrow is a quieter day which will give everyone a chance to rest & recover.

Pleased to report everyone is fit and well, certainly tired, it has been a long hot day, but often the best ones are...


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