Day 6

Late update today, we have just got back from a fantastic evening at Guernsey Karting, where the scouts (and leaders), all got a 20 minute ride in go-karts, all kitted up in racing overalls, protective gear and helmets, before racing round a track with a full 'race-track' atmosphere, starting grids, chequered flags etc

The scouts raced against each other in heats, and the leaders/young leaders raced against each other.

There was a full pre-race safety brief, all of the safety lights were explained (red for stop, amber for slow/down no overtaking), all of this was taken very seriously by the scouts (and ignored completely by Julian).

I'm now just pondering how to lower mega-high adrenaline levels in scouts, and I've given up trying to work out how to calm the leaders down, there is much giggling going on...

Earlier today, before all the excitement, we headed off to Petit Bot Bay, a secluded bay on the south side of the island, where half of the group were kayaking whilst the other half enjoyed the beach.

We then enjoyed a picnic lunch at the bay, in glorious sunshine, all in all it was a great day, everyone is really on a high.

Currently it is 2200 and washing up is being done, and packed lunches are being prepared for tomorrow, the scouts are working away with no complaint, again I have to say we are so pleased with this group of scouts, they are making this a memorable camp.

Tomorrow is an early start, up at 0630 to get to St Peter Port to catch the ferry to Herm, on Herm all of the scouts will be kayaking and we have a treasure hunt style activity to do.

Ten things we learned yesterday/today;

1. Aidan Fincham does not eat prawns, yesterday, under Julian's guidance, he shelled and ate a curried King Prawn, love it when scouting pushes boundaries.

2. When young leaders play dares they play hard, today Josh Evans ended up doing sit-ups in a beach cafe, we laughed, customers applauded !

3. Some of the seaweed in Petit Bot Bay apparently tastes better than our food.

4. Aaron and Josh Langley are having a bro-mance, we reckon they are the new Wham.

5. Mark O is getting applause from the scouts now whenever he turns around without hitting anything (this is progress).


6. Oscar is confused by chicanes

7. Oscar has just read the line above and said “what's a chi-can-ays ?” - (this may help explain his confusion....)

8. Katie Welling can drive a go-kart REALLY, REALLY fast.

9. Adrenaline takes AGES to wear off.

10. Leader's Adrenaline takes FOREVER to wear off (I've sent them to bed now).



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