After breakfast we bussed up and embarked on our North and South Coast tours, we took in Napoleonic Forts, prehistoric burial mounds, sandy beaches, Guernsey Pearl, and finished with a visit to the Fairy Ring, where it is said fairies will appear if you circle the ring 3 times (having now tried this in 2011 and 2015 with scouts I am beginning to think fairies are allergic to them, as we've not seen a fairy yet...).

The weather is much improved today, everyone is relaxing on site in the sun whilst dinner is being prepared; the scouts are playing chess, card games and connect 4, it's like being in 1983, it won't be long and someone will want me to buy a swingball set !!

Ten things we learnt yesterday/today;

1. Luke Bailey does very impressive backflips on a trampoline.

2. We've reached the point where the girls are now braiding the boys hair (this seems to be common on our camps, it does not surprise us anymore).

3. We are pretty certain that parents are missing their children more than they are missing their parents.

4. The scouts are getting really good at washing up, sadly we think this is a skill that will not survive the trip back across the channel...

5. Most of the scouts LOVE fruit.

6. Some of the scouts HATE fruit.

7. The scouts didn't seem to notice we mixed porridge oats into the breakfast yoghurt (sneaky, sneaky leaders).

8. It's surprising just how many meals you can put raisins in.

9. Parents will be worried their children are eating, we are worrying the island has enough food on it to keep up with the amount they are eating !!

10. Joshua Evans, big brave young leader, misses his mummy.

Everyone is fit and well (and now nice and warm in the sunshine), tomorrow half of the troop will be sea kayaking whilst the others will be on the beach, now THAT's more like it !


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