Well it was another really windy night, we have had to spend some time re-pegging and re-guying the tents to ensure they don't end up making it back across the channel before we do !

We were not able to do kayaking today, but we were able to do the rock climbing, which took place at Pembroke Bay on the north coast, we split into our two minibus groups and whilst one was climbing the other visited two shopping venues, Aladdin's Cave and Oatland Village, both proved useful for souvenirs (and the odd present...).

After our day out we returned to site and thanks to some improving weather were able to carry out an essential task which the scouts always enjoy...FULL KIT INSPECTION...this involves everything being emptied out of the tents and all of the scout's kit being checked, this helps re-unite scouts with lost items, enables tents to cleaned, and gives us a chance to check they are changing their clothes every day !

After a pleasant hour or so of the scouts grumbling through the process the campsite and tents were much tidier as a result !

Once again today the leaders have been discussing how impressed we are with this group of scouts, everyone continues to work hard (and play hard !), there is plenty of fun being had and camp chores are getting done, we couldn't ask for more.

We are teetering on that point a few days in where some of the relationships between the scouts get a little strained, but thus far we have had very few issues, this is a really good sign, (and the leaders are very grateful.)

That's it for today's update, tomorrow we are going to embark on our North & South tours of the island, checking out some historical and slightly more whimsical features of the landscape, looking ahead the weather forecast is much better for the next few days and it's looking good for our Herm Island/Kayaking trip !

Everyone is fit and well, no signs of homesickness (other than the leaders), and the adventure continues...

One thing we have learnt today;

Scouting works, volunteering as a leader is not a burden, it is a privilege, we are very fortunate to spend this time with your children, we are having as much fun as they are, they are amazing, complicated bundles of enthusiasm and chaos, and to get the chance to help them on their journey through childhood is very rewarding, and just think, if you joined the team you could be here with us...



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