Well, the sun we enjoyed yesterday didn't hang around too long, wet again this morning !

We enjoyed cereals for breakfast, and then bussed up to head off to the Underground Military Hospital, built by slave labour during the German Occupation, it was very damp and cold, so was a pleasant change from the weather outside !

We returned to the campsite for lunch, following which we then visited the Little Chapel, as the afternoon progressed the sun has returned, but it is very windy and we are having the odd shower (much like the scouts...)

I've just spoken to the activity company regarding our kayaking/climbing, as we need good weather to do them, the programme has moved from Plan A through to D so far and is still changing as the day progresses, but we've got plenty of flexibility to move things around.

Everyone is very well, the leaders have been talking today about how well this group of scouts is performing, behaviour is excellent, the scouts are carrying out their cooking duties with enthusiasm, and there is a good atmosphere on camp.

Ten things we have learnt today;

1. Guernsey can be wet and then hot in all one day.

2. Children show a genuine interest in history when they can experience it first hand, the scouts asked a lot of questions during the military hospital visit – really good to see.

3. If you mix jammy dodgers, Angel Delight powder, custard, raisins and sugar sprinkles to create 'Guernsey Mess', it has an 'interesting' effect on the scouts. (and a slightly odd effect on the leaders too !).

4. It's amazing just how long a sugar rush can last...

5. If Julian tries to get Matthew Burfield to do something he doesn't want to do, the reply he gets is “talk to the booty, because the hand's off duty, and the face just doesn't want to know !”. (we're not sure if Matthew realises he is a policeman or not...).

6. When Daisy was asked to go and find 'Baden Powell', she made an attempt to go and locate 'Aidan's Towel', Aidan was rather surprised.

7. Most heard phrases on the walkie talkies used between the vehicles “mind the landrover”, “turn left, no right, no left, oh too late....”, “breathe in”, “oh no Mark's driving...”.

8. Most of the things Andy said can't be repeated in public.

9. When they try REALLY hard the scouts can get the washing up after dinner done before midnight.

10. Zac Breen seems to have only packed pyjamas, it's all he seems to wear !

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