Everyone was much refreshed this morning after a full night's sleep, we enjoyed a continental breakfast before heading off into St Peter Port for a brief shopping trip as it was market day.

We spent a very pleasant couple of hours strolling around the town in groups, and much ice cream was consumed as the weather has gone from wet to scorching !

We headed back to the campsite for lunch and a quick turnaround to head down to the west coast for the Rocquaine Regatta.

The setting was stunning, clear blue skies, sandy beaches and a crystal clear sea, it did not take the scouts long to get into their beach gear and get wet !!

After two hours on the beach we headed back to the campsite for dinner and a lazy evening enjoying the sunshine..

Things we learnt today....

1. Guernsey is hot !

2. The tents have eaten 3 scarves already...

3. Daisy feels that we should be driving her to/from the toilet block as it is soooooooooo far away.

4. Some of the lanes in Guernsey are half a minibus wide...

5. Guernsey drivers get all 'beepy' when you stop anywhere to de-bus 24 scouts.

6. Ben Evans VOLUNTEERS for work (it confuses us when scouts do this)

7. The Irish have arrived on site.

8. When asked what his eyedrops are for, Jack replies “my eyes” (bright lad, he'll go far...)

9. The scouts in the limo (silver minibus) – when radio 2 was put on, decided the songs played were 'wicked', so there appears to be some hope for us old 'uns.

10. The GSL likes Reggae Reggae Sauce on everything (including croissants !!)

Everyone is fit and well, right now I'm sat here watching card games being played, footballs being kicked, and dinner being cooked, and not a playstation or TV in sight !



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