Has Friday ended yet does anyone know ? Feels like it has gone on forever !!

The scouts were woken at 0300 in style thanks to the presence of a convenient Brass Ship's Bell in the Sea Scout HQ (although they didn't seem to appreciate the thought that went in to the gesture...).

They quickly swung into action though, within just 20 mins everyone was up, packed and in the minibuses ready to go, a quick 8 minute drive around the harbour and we were at check in !

Check in was mostly straightforward, except it turns out the measuring stick they use to measure the height of trailers is not entirely accurate, as we discovered when the trailer nudged a height bar, and then dinged a fire sprinkler nozzle on the ferry !! (we suggested a scout could whittle a new measuring stick for them but they didn't seem impressed...).

The new Condor 'Liberation' is a great ship, fast and comfortable, thanks to the GSL the scouts were treated to a bridge visit, having the operation of the ship explained by the Captain. Josh Evans asked if he could push a button, oddly the captain declined the request !

It was daylight by the time we pulled in to St Peter Port, and then it rained, and rained, and rained (you get the idea...), in between heavy downpours we managed to get everything set up though and our home away from home is now all set up.

The scouts have done very well today, everyone is very tired, but we have been very impressed with how they have all got stuck in, especially as many are first timers on a big summer camp, a great start by them.

Tomorrow our programme will be flexible, we are expecting to go to the Rocquaine Regatta on the beach, we'll see what the weather is like before committing to that !

Everyone is fit, well and in good spirits.

Things we have learnt today/yesterday;

1. AJ packed everything he needed for camp (well, except his scout leader uniform....)

2. Ethan Ross was by far the fastest scout getting up, first in the minibus and ready to go in under 7 minutes !!

3. Condor Ferries need a new measuring stick (or a bigger ferry...)

4. Condor Ferries need a new way to get scout trailers OFF the boat again (reversing off is a challenge !!!)

5. Guernsey is wet

6. Amazing how quickly scouts learn to love playing connect 4 and cards when it's raining !

7. A vomiting scout, clears the restaurant queue really, really, REALLY, quickly (and said scout was fine...)

8. When the pressure is on, and the job needs to get done, your children are capable of more than you can ever imagine

9. Tanya gets REALLY competitive when playing cards !!!

10. Hot food is a great way to end a long, tiring, wet, but great day

Finally, happy birthday to Finlay, who enjoyed much cake and is now the proud owner of an iScout Beanie hat !

Now, we are all off to bed, nite, nite all.

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